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Garden Envy maintenence services London

Have your overgrown garden tidied up in no time!


Garden maintenence

£68 for the 1st hour

£50 for every subsequent hour

A team of 2 landscape gardeners will visit your home carying all the needed equipment and tools. Please expect nothing but great results.

We are happy to inform you that our loyal customers will be paying a flat fee of £50 per hour starting from the beginning of the appointment.

Everything you need to transform your garden

Customized Solutions for every household

Lawn Mowing

Attention to Detail

Ahh don't you love the smell of freshly cut grass. We definitely do. For most residential areas, our mowing services take between 20-30 minutes. Commercial properties may take longer, depending on the property size.


Hedge trimming and pruning

Meticulous and Comprehensive

With Garden envy, you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time. A nice looking hedge can increase your property value, as well as add aesthetic allure.

Weed control

Beautifying and Enhancing

Weed control can help your lawn maintain proper health, without pesky weeds standing in the way. Depending on the sunlight your yard gets, we can adjust the types of fertilizer to give your yard its best chance for looking good from spring through fall.



Beautifying and Enhancing

Our team can also provide monthly landscape maintenance plans which involve shrub trimming, overseeding, clean-ups, irrigation start-ups, irrigation winterization, and more. For more information on our landscape and lawn packages, fill out our online form or email us.

Planting and replanting

Attention to Detail

We offer a selection of services for all those odd jobs around the home or garden that you’ve never got around to completing! Let us know what you need doing and we can arrange an estimate.

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