The most affordable lawn care services in South East and South West Londong

We can transform almost any lawn, offering a range of treatments from feed & weed to scarification and aeration, to patch repair and over seeding to get your grass looking its best throughout the year

Lawn care services

£68 for the 1st hour & £50 for the beginning of every subsequent hour

A team of 2 landscape gardeners will visit your home carying all the needed equipment and tools. Please expect nothing but great results.

We are happy to inform you that our loyal customers will be paying a flat fee of £50 per hour starting from the beginning of the appointment.

Just sit back and relax while we do the work for you.

Lawn mowing

The devil is in the detail

Our team is trained to perform a full clean-up after each job. We never leave grass hanging over the curb, and we always make sure to clean up all the clippings.


Residential lawn care

New fresh look outside

For most residential areas, our mowing services take between 20-30 minutes. We ask that all dog waste, toys, or hazards are cleaned up before your mowing service. All mowing services are performed on the same day each week. Please make sure your gates are unlocked so we can easily access your yard. If there is ever a delay in our mowing services (such as due to rain or a holiday), we will notify you.

Commercial lawn care

Definitely greener than the competition

When our team first arrives on the jobsite, we ensure there are no hazards or safety concerns. We use only the best pieces of equipment. Many of our services described above are offered as part of landscape maintenance packages. Typically, aeration, overseeding, and starter fertilizer are sold together. If you require full-service maintenance, we can also include a variety of services as part of your package.


Sod installation

Brand new look for your garden

Typically, it takes less than a day for our crews of 2-5 workers to complete a sod installation service. We will also soak the lawn before we leave and provide instructions on proper watering. We further offer reprogramming of your irrigation system if need be